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“>Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. – Hebrews 13:16

Direct financial gifting is the most common way for you to partner with us in realizing our development plans for the academy. Click the button below to send a gift.

Warriors Christian Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All gifts are tax-deductible. This may be beneficial for you.

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To honor our legacy donors during their lifetime, we have established the Warriors Legacy Giving Society. With the donors’ permission, we will list their names as a member of the Society on our website to appropriately recognize them and to encourage others to do the same. Members will receive a beautiful personally engraved, Warriors Legacy Society Bible and also be invited to special events throughout the year.

Our in-house financial advisors offer FREE consultations for families and friends that would like to include Warriors Christian Academy in their estate planning.


Today’s volunteers set the example for tomorrow’s leaders. We have many opportunities, from school day and morning/afternoon  transportation lines, lunch periods, or behind the scenes preparation for events and class activities.

Donations to  Warriors Christian Academy  support not only our school’s operating fund, but also invest in the next generation of our country’s leaders and business owners. Raising our children in a Christian environment is a daily choice and commitment that requires steadfast resolve. Your donations support  Warriors Christian Academy ’s strategic priorities:

  • Focus on a superior Christian academic learning experience with technology, a martial arts culture, and an introduction to the trades, all within an educational community that fosters a Christian lifestyle and response to daily worldly challenges.
  • Provide excellent professional development for teachers as well as competitive pay, resources, materials, and technology to support a superior classroom environment.
  • Acquire land and build a permanent home for our students that enhances educational, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities.
  • Grow a strong Christian academy with a vibrant student community while providing a unique and practical education. We continually strengthen the four major aspects of our educational experience: spiritual, academic, athletic, and artistic.

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Gifts such as land, building material, labor, desks, chairs, computers, printers, and more may all be gifted directly to Warriors Christian Academy. Most in-kind gifts are eligible for an income tax charitable deduction and part of a larger charitable financial plan for both individuals and companies.  Gifts of appreciated assets, such as real estate or securities, may also avoid capital gains tax.


To ensure the long-term success of Warriors Christian Academy in meeting the Christian education needs of future generations, we encourage legacy gifts through one’s estate plan. These gifts can take many forms. Here are just a few to consider:

Naming Warriors Christian Academy as a beneficiary of your Qualified Retirement Plan (IRA, 401K or 403B, Annuity). These assets are subject to income tax when withdrawn by the owner or his or her heirs, but qualified charities, like Warriors Christian Academy, are tax-exempt. This is the generally the preferred legacy gift to make to charities and requires only a change in your Beneficiary Designation Form.

  • Naming Warriors Christian Academy as a beneficiary of a Bank or Investment Account. This is accomplished through a Payable on Death or Transfer on Death form provided by your bank or investment manager.
  • Naming Warriors Christian Academy as a beneficiary in your Will or Living Trust. You may designate a gift of a named asset, such as real estate, or investment account to Warriors Christian Academy, You may also name Warriors Christian Academy to receive a specific dollar amount or percentage of your remainder estate.
  • Naming Warriors Christian Academy as a remainder beneficiary of a Charitable Remainder Trust. An asset or cash may be given while retaining an income for your lifetime or period of years, or income to your heirs for a period of years. The remaining amount at death or period of years would then go to Warriors Christian Academy. These gifts are eligible for an estate tax charitable deduction and avoid capital gains tax upon the sale of an appreciate asset.
  • Naming Warriors Christian Academy as a lead beneficiary of a Charitable Lead Trust. An asset may be given that distributes annual income to Warriors Christian Academy for a period of years with the remaining amount to your heirs. These gifts are eligible for an estate tax charitable deduction.

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As we move forward in pursuit of our vision for our students, we have identified the following strategic priorities:

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What We Are Working Toward:

  1. We expect every student to leave Warriors Christian Academy equipped to enter the real world, possessing a well-trained, disciplined spirit, mind, and body. Our students must know that they have the ability to fearlessly stand on God’s truth for their life. As Christian Warriors, they will be trained to pray, exercise spiritual discernment, and exercise the ability to “rightly divide the Word of God”.
  2. Our students must become “Academic Warriors” so they can take care of themselves and others. They will develop critical thinking and communication skills to defend their positions unapologetically. But in order to get and maintain a good-paying job or career, our students must learn to be conscientious and detail-oriented as well. The curriculum at WCA is designed so that students who possess the skill and desire to take their education to a college or University level can do that successfully. However, others who are not built for higher education can focus on a solid Christian education and a career in the trades. Our future Christian leaders must be found in all occupations, from the most prestigious to the least glamorous. As a school, it is our task to help our students find their own God-given gifts and abilities and nurture them accordingly. This requires ongoing creativity on our part, as well as strategic investments that can only be made possible through the generous giving of people and businesses.
  3. We want to create healthy and strong students with the physical knowledge and prowess to defend themselves and others against physical threats when peace and love are no longer an option. Our young people’s health and safety is paramount in today’s increasingly crazy, anti-Christian, and violent world. The martial arts educational component will dramatically increase the odds of a safe and long life. It also gives them an uncharacteristic boldness when sharing the Gospel.
  4. We want every teacher and team member to be constantly striving for the best approach when it comes to working with our students and families. They should be well prepared, ready to serve specific needs and show the correct kind of love in any situation. Sometimes that calls for “tough love” through discipline. This shows our personal investment in the different relationships with each and every student.

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1. Build a Base for a Strong Future

✅ Completed!
$150,000 given in the past year!

Improve educational experience:
• Furnished Two Offices, Front Office and Headmaster Office.
• Acquired Student Desks and Chairs for five Classrooms.
• Implemented Professional Training Through Chuck Colson Center for teaching team.
• Expanded the Faculty, Growing the Teaching Staff from Two to Five to Bolster Academic Programs and Reduce Class Size for a More Effective Learning Environment.
• Installed Fire Detection System and Smoke Detectors.
• Painted and Remodeled all Classrooms and Office Spaces.
• Replaced AC in three Vans for After School Pick Up.
• Repaired four Vans that have various engine problems.
• Invested in Raising Teacher Salaries.
• Expanded Staff to Include Head of School and Director of Academic Curriculum.
• Secured and remodeled new Cedar Park Commercial space.
• Painted the Parking Lot.
• Hired Tree Trimmers to Make Room for New Dumpsters.
• Purchased and Installed New Whiteboards, Projectors, and Screens for five classrooms, and purchased 10 more sets of projectors, screens, and speakers for ten classrooms in the future.
• Painted the Parking Lot.
• Hired Tree Trimmers to Make Room for New Dumpsters.
Created life Champion through Black Belt Supremacy & Virtue:
• Purchased New Martial Arts Mats
Initial Access and Expansion:
• Hired Morning Office Admin to Answer Calls and Provide Client Service Throughout the Day.
• Faculty invested in Tuition Assistance / Financial Scholarships for over 25% of our students who otherwise could not afford to attend.
• Added educational in-school technology, ie – laptops, for students who did possess, or forgot, their laptops at home.
Salvation through Jesus Christ:
• Eighteen kids gave their lives to Jesus
• Three parents led to Christ through their kids at Warriors

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$1,926,000 in new giving commitments
($300,000 in Modular in kind)

Continued Access and Expansion:
1. Fund Tuition Assistance / Scholarships for forty students to Promote a Diverse Student Body ($400k).
2. $900,000 for two modular buildings:
• Martial Arts training area.
• Allows to grow our current student count of 150 by an additional 240. The total capacity of 390 students.
• Adds additional restrooms and office space.
Improve educational experience:
1. Staff Retention through Competitive Remuneration ($426,000 to account for increases and additional teachers).
2. Master Campus Plan ($200,000).
3. Updated Curriculum Resources ($150,000).

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$1,000,000 in new giving commitments

• Construct New School Buildings to house offices, classrooms and auditorium, and gymnasium / MA Training area.
• Invest in Technology by Providing a Computer Lab in Each Class so Children Don’t Need to Transport and Bring Their Own.
• Provide Ongoing Investments in Professional Development Programs for Staff to Enhance, Train, and Attract the Best Faculty Team.
• Initiate Repair or Replacement of Current Aging Transportation Vehicles.
• Find and Secure Multi Acreage Land to Build New Facilities.

[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”4. Setting the Standard for Christian Education” _builder_version=”4.20.4″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}” open=”off”]

• Remodel or build Academy on Acquired Multi Acreage Land.
• Build Additional Classroom Space to Respond to Continued Enrollment as Specific Growth Milestones are Achieved.
• Create an Athletic Field Suitable for Practicing Soccer, Track, Cross Country, Football, or other Outdoor Sports.
• Build a Fine Arts Auditorium / Conference Hall on Campus to Serve our Academy and the Surrounding Community.
• Launch a Bus To and From School Service for Students Needing Transport.
• Conduct Due Diligence Planning in Support of Franchise Academy Locations Nationally and Internationally.


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