At The Master’s Christian Academy, we embrace a comprehensive educational model that has shaped leaders for centuries. Our curriculum is rooted in the Classical Christian tradition, focusing on the Trivium — Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric — to develop keen minds and articulate speakers. However, unlike conventional academic programs, we recognize the ancient wisdom that champions a balanced development of both mind and body.

That is why we are combining the Trivium with the Gymnasium. This promotes leadership, ethics, and personal development—traits that can be cultivated through the structured learning of both the Trivium and the Gymnasium.

Our expression of the Gymnasium and trained bodies is through the martial arts. The martial arts covers all aspects of physical training and self-defense.

The Gymnasium

In Classical Greek Education, where we pull our Classical Christian Education from, the Greek athletics (The Gymnasium) were centered around individual physical prowess and competition. The emphasis on overtaking opponents in events like footraces, long jumps, discus and javelin throwing, wrestling, and various forms of combat sports like boxing and pankration (what we call martial arts today), showcases this focus on individual achievement.

Moreover, the inclusion of the pentathlon, which combined different athletic skills into one event, further highlighted the versatility and all-around abilities prized by the Greeks. The training area, served as a crucial space for honing these skills, under the guidance of experienced coaches who were themselves past champions.

This emphasis on athleticism and competition was not merely about physical prowess but also carried cultural significance. The Greeks viewed their love for athletics as a distinguishing feature, a mark of their civilization’s excellence compared to non-Greek societies. It was intertwined with their broader values of excellence (arete) and the pursuit of virtue in both mind and body. They upheld the maxim, “a sound mind in a sound body” (mens sana in corpore sano), a principle we embody in every aspect of our schooling.

A Fusion of Physical and Intellectual Rigor

Incorporating physical education, our students engage in Combat Sports to cultivate physical virtues such as discipline, perseverance, and temperance. These virtues not only complement the intellectual growth fostered by the Trivium but also prepare students to handle life’s challenges with grace and strength.

  • Physical Virtue and Discipline: Through Combat Sports, students learn more than self-defense; they learn self-control, resilience, and the quiet confidence that comes from physical discipline.
  • Holistic Development: We believe in the ancient philosophy that the best education forms not just the mind, but the whole person. Physical well-being supports intellectual growth, creating a balanced foundation for both spiritual and academic pursuits.
  • Community and Cooperation: Beyond physical and intellectual development, we foster a community spirit where students learn the importance of teamwork, leadership, and ethical conduct through group activities and sports.

Prayer & Bible Instruction

Starting every day with age-appropriate and relevant bible lessons shapes our children’s moral and ethical worldview. We convene for chapel to start the day on a positive note and set standards by teaching values such as virtue, honor, respect, love, self-discipline, work ethic, and many more conduct standards that are slipping away in today’s culture. As teachable moments occur throughout the day, value lessons are used to remind and guide the children in their ongoing character development. By teaching prayer strategies and biblical meditation, our students learn how to focus their thoughts on daily priorities and push away distractions.

Etiquette & Manners

Today’s society has failed our children in the teaching of manners and common courtesy. So rarely do we hear the basic “please,” “thank you” and “sir/ma’am.” It is a forgotten art. Manners should be the standard, and our Academy is pushing back on the rude culture of our day by teaching our children how to effectively communicate, use proper body language, and make eye contact to show confidence. This instruction primarily takes place during the students’s Gymnasium training and transfers over to everyday use in the classroom. We teach etiquette and manners for every situation: being at home, visiting another home, suitable table manners, public interactions, and even international standards. Ensuring that our students understand how to conduct themselves with class, grace, and dignity is among our primary goals.

Accelerate Your Future with Dual Credit Opportunities

At our Academy, we are dedicated to providing outstanding educational opportunities that extend beyond the traditional high school curriculum. We are proud to offer Dual Credit College Courses in partnership with local colleges. This unique program is designed for qualifying high school students who are ready to challenge themselves academically and jumpstart their college education.

Enrollment in our Dual Credit program comes at no additional cost to our students, as long as their tuition balance is maintained in good standing with us. This initiative underscores our commitment to making advanced education accessible and affordable.

This provides an opportunity for our qualifying students to earn an associate’s degree by the time they graduate at our Academy.

While most courses are offered through collaborations with local colleges at no extra cost, we also provide an exclusive opportunity for those interested in a faith-centered higher education experience. Through a special arrangement with a prestigious Christian university, students can opt for courses that align with Christian values and teachings at an additional cost.

Adaptive Learning Through ACE Curriculum

At The Master’s Christian Academy, we occasionally utilize the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum in our Learning Centers, especially when student numbers do not warrant a full class. ACE is a globally recognized, Christian-based educational system used in over 140 countries. It features self-instructional workbooks called PACEs (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education), which allow students to advance through subjects at their own pace, ensuring personalized learning tailored to individual capabilities and needs.

This curriculum is ideal for fostering independent study skills and mastery of material through a structured, modular approach. Each PACE integrates critical biblical principles, reinforcing our commitment to spiritual growth alongside academic excellence. Learning Centers, facilitated by dedicated educators, support students across multiple grades and levels, enhancing flexibility and providing focused, individualized attention.

Through ACE, we ensure that all students receive a comprehensive and coherent education experience, even in scenarios with limited enrollment. This strategic approach allows us to maintain high educational standards and meet the diverse needs of our student body effectively.